Dear World of Interweb Bloggers

First, I’d like to say ‘hello’.
So, hello!

Second, I’m really excited about this and quite nervous (since I’ve never done this whole thing annnnnnd don’t know quite how to go about it; I guess I’ll figure it out as I go! That and Blogging 101 will be my new best friend…).

You’re probably asking: who is this crazy person?
Well, I’m a white, female college student. I know, not terribly specific. I’m sorry, but truthfully not sorry, if I disappointed you. Because, let’s be real. The internet is a big, scary place. Once something is published, it’s on the web for eternity and can be dug up; now, that might require a professional snooper, but it’s still entirely possible. Personally, I’d rather not have my Facebook stalked and snooped. Perhaps some of you don’t mind, but I do.
Anywho, back to the whole introduction nonsense (because Blogging 101 suggested it, so why the hell not). Hobbies: Music, Drawing, Reading, Writing (in a phrase, ‘the Arts’) Major: Music Education

And now that I’ve given you a teeny, tiny glimpse of myself, you might be wondering: what’s this all about?
Basically, as the Tagline suggests, it’s about recognizing issues within our society. For example: Abuse, Consent, Racism, etc. The heavy hitting (Sorry for the interruption, but I was just reminded of that commercial for legal attorneys, “The Heavy Hitters” and their jingle “The Heavy Hitters are all you need, call 1-800-LAW-1333.”) things that are important, but (in my personal opinion- and since this is my blog, my opinion counts here) don’t really get the recognition that they should. I realized this fact with an abrupt face slap from Reality pretty recently. Actually, it’s been one week tonight since I received the aforementioned slap to my face. I’ve been brainstorming what to do about my conundrum ever since and came up with blogging.

On to the next logical question: why did I choose to blog about this?
I won’t share the personal reason (maybe someday, I’m not too sure yet), however I feel like these are topics that are too important to just feign ignorance/naiveté  towards any longer. Also, I tried the whole journaling thing and as much as I appreciate the permanence and romanticism of paper and pen(cil), someone read those sacred thoughts of mine, and I haven’t written in my pretty turquoise journal since. So my solution is to be essentially anonymous and blog.

Happy reading, Humans!
A White Girl

PS- In future blogs swearing and other not so nice content could occur. If you don’t like it, leave now. 🙂 Also I will always title/start with Dear ____ (which reminds me of that website….). And I will probably always be kinda wordy with my posts; I’m sorry (truely sorry) in advance. 😛